Results you Can Expect from this Ground-Breaking Program:


  1. Major Shifts in Your Relationship to Relationships and to LIFE itself:
  • Stop Waiting for your situation to change
  • Put Happiness back in your Court
  • Notice a refreshing compassion for yourself and others
  • Act in loving new ways to old familiar triggers
  • Move from Reliable Anger, Anxiety, Heaviness to Reliable Clarity, Joy, Lightness (and FUN)!
  • BE the Relationship of Your Dreams
  1.  Your own discovery (don’t just believe me!) that:
  • Painful issues are happening FOR you, not just TO you,
  • You don't need the “terrible awful THEM” to change for you to be happy,
  • You no longer feel clueless about how to handle situations you used to dread.
  • Your shift from upset into peace, curiosity, fearlessness can be instantaneous.
  1. A Dependable Peace and Delicious Connection via The 6 Keys:
  • Harvest Hidden Riches from Your Judgments, Annoyances, & Fear
  • Efficiently Shift Regret, Indecision, Needs, & Shoulds to their Happy Flip Side
  • Use Defensiveness, Offensiveness, and Vulnerability as Personalized Teachers of Inner Peace
  • Eradicate fear of intimidation, retaliation,' seeing the other (and Yourself) clearly
  • Redefine Forgiveness and Amends for True Freedom
  • A WHOLE NEW WORLD: Find that a NO is Equal to (or better than) a YES

This program is for those who want lots of individualized coaching and support for a major shift. There are a limited number of spots available; accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.


You will engage deeply with the innocent self, the troubling but solvable patterns in all your relationships, and within the comfort of my quick ability to spot, hold, confront, and support you via the depth of my own work and my huge commitment to your experiencing a radical shift around any situation.

The RRR Individual Intensive includes:


All the outcomes and programs offered via Radical Relationship Relief program (www.webinar.radicalrelationshiprelief.com)

  • 3 Individual sessions per month with Shawn (1) 2-hour Radical Relief session including TW, (1) Half hour Laser Coaching Check-in, and (1) 1-hour Facilitation in TW.
  • 1-3 unscheduled 15-min. 'I-Need-a-Shift-Now' calls per month (as needed)
  • Recordings of our scheduled private sessions.
  • Follow-up notes and harvested ‘one-liners’ (clients find this window into their blind spots HUGELY valuable);
  • Shawn's Mentoring Insights/Recapping your revelations re living the turn-arounds and other tips to expedite peace;
  • Priority email access to share insights and questions directly with Shawn.
  • Up to once per-day responses from me (sometimes including a relevant MP3, article, or PDF download)
  • Situation-specific invitations and suggested exercises to undertake with Self or a Buddy.
  • The option to customize your sessions into a private retreat at Light Landing (space available).
  • Extra full sessions can be added each month at 30% discount

 Your investment for this highly Individualized 'Shift-of-a-Lifetime' Intensive with Shawn is $798/month

Give Yourself the AMAZING Gift of A Comprehensive Experience of Community and Individual Support and Life Shifting by Signing on for the Individual Intensive in Conjunction with the Radical Relationship Relief Group Program!

Some Amazing Bonuses!

  • BONUS #1 ~ One as-needed 15-minute-shift call per week (“OUCH; It hurts and I’m clueless again”); more as needed calls can be arranged by mutual agreement with a per-minute fee. (Calls take place immediately if I can or by mutual agreement as soon as possible).  
  • BONUS #2 ~ 100% FREE program admission to one of my retreats (or a private virtual or in-person RETREAT-DAY of your own). Whichever you choose becomes available to you after 6-months.
  • BONUS #3 ~ A support and strategy session with one of my colleagues around a specific issue (weight loss, health, parenting, small business, etc.)

Your Commitment

This Reliable Symmetry of Happiness skill set and mindset that you will begin to acquire almost immediately can never be lost… the shift into dependable peace and radical freedom become a living part of your relationship repertoire. While your relationships can start to change VERY quickly, and your participation continues for as long as you wish, I request a minimum 4-month initial commitment to ground you more in this paradigm shift and in your own behavior changes.

My Guarantee

By finding the Reliable Symmetry in whatever triggers you, you find the very person or situation that was making you crazy appears innocent ... lovable ... sometimes even KIND! I guarantee that you will begin to see in them--and in yourself and your difficult situations--the wise teacher you’ve been searching for. (This is a guarantee I stand behind. If you feel you have not shifted in the direction of this new perspective after the first 2 sessions, I will refund you money for the program less the regular cost of the individual sessions).


“Working with Shawn is like being held by a huge teddy bear who will go with you into your darkest places and won’t drop you till you are back in the light.  I can't believe how much I shifted in a single session around my debilitating long-term beliefs about time and money, and the big impact that has had on my small business launch and ability to build joint ventures."   D., Individual phone client and teleclass student

I left our first session feeling I was in that space of ''being' that Ekhart Tolle talks about. Throughout  vacation, I felt so present and calm with my kids, and there were none of the usual incidences of abuse from my husband! Everything looks so different to me now that I have seen through my denial of the part my own mind was playing in this painful existence. Knowing this work, and that I get to see Shawn regularly has made my life bearable ... even hopeful again."    K., Individual client